Student's Online Competition 2021

Do you know we can help you use this time wisely? You heard it right! If you are looking for online contestand give away you’re at the right place.

You’ve likelyheard this a million times, but we’ll say it again.

A competition can make or break your confidence. There’s really no strategies or short cut, all you have to do is compete. We’ll help you discover your hidden talents.

Creating Stars consultancy as a centre enhances educational services to students, school leavers and young adults. And we are more than thrilled to announce our online student’s competition has started.

What type of competition?

Skill based, Show your talent, in the upcoming competition students are free to show case their hidden talents like Singing, Dancing, Storytelling, Essay, Drawing, Art and craft, Rap, Beat boxing (any)., as per their likeness and preference.

Who can apply?

Candidates age of group from 3years – 20 years are eligible to sign up for the competition

What to Present?

Your talents! Literally

Feel free to show case your hidden talents shot in a video run at 1 – 3 minutes of time frame

We will appreciate if your video is short and sweet.

Awarding Criteria

Have you just wrapped up your sketching, painting and jamming session during this Quarantine? What if we say you will get rewarded for the same? All you have to do is get viral. Pun intended!

The winner will be selected on the grounds of the number of likes generated on their video which will be posted on YouTube respectively. Therefor winner will be justified by YOUTUBE channel highest likes. Each of one Winner will be listed out of 75 participations. Result is subject to first 75 participants with any respected act of performance. 

All you have to do is create traffic indoors.


What you take away?

Winner will be felicitated by award and appreciation certificate by CREATING STARS, and Our associate partner are delighted to give away gift voucher to the winner and very effective discount coupons for the runner up of their respective service or product accordingly as a token of appreciation.

Benefits to students

  • Helps discover your true potential
  • Self-evaluation
  • Helps show case your hidden talents
  • Motivates students to use this time both productively and effectively
  • Self-Introspection

By focusing on your own specific goals, we can support you to master the skills you need to achieve greater independence, confidence and control.

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