In-Born Potential Assessment (IBPA)

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”

The biggest challenge for the day is to understand and achieve what your inner potential promises to be. The best way to achieve success is to only be better than what we were yesterday.

In this self-journey of Growth, as an expert on individual strength assessment, we, Creating Stars offer a path-breaking In-Born Potential Assesssment (IBPA). IBPA offers a unique mix of Scientific Testing and Traditional Counselling as the first step of recognizing your potential and then harnessing the strengths and strengthening the weaknesses.


The test finds its roots in the scientific household of the famous theorists Dr. Howard Gardner, who emphasized that every child has multiple intelligences, which if understood and leveraged, can provide path-breaking results in the life of an individual.

For this assessment, we primarily use a basic questionnaire along with biometric analysis of the fingerprints developed by scientists and medical experts based on Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics and Neuroscience through methods of observation records, comparison and summarization.

There is confirmed evidence by medical experts that finger prints can provide accurate analysis of a person’s inborn talents. The detailed report reflects multiple aspects of the individual’s in-born potential. When rightly used, it can help navigate an individual’s capacity to understand their own motivations, learning patterns, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities. Thus, they individual is empowered to make most of themselves using their inner potential helping create a positive road-map.

Some major breakthroughs which can be achieved using IBPA are as follows:

a. Hiring right fit candidates for positions in your Company
b. Planning for proper utilization of employee strengths and leveraging weaknesses
c. Empowering the employees with self-knowledge on how to perform better or sustain pressures
d. Core Team Planning
e. Task and Goal Designing and allocation

a. Using the correct technique to help learn a child quickly
b. Coaching the child for attributes like: behaviour issues, learning difficulties and more
c. Coaching to engaging both Left and Right Brain better, thus preparing them to work faster and better
d. Strengthening them to be future ready for career and higher educational learnings

a. Attracting Potential students for various programs, suiting better to the programs
b. Helping create a better quality pool of candidates to suit requirements of the Corporate World.

a. Finding key to inner self and motivation
b. Helping improve concentration
c. Finding your right career choice
d. Finding better control in decision making
e. Helping change individual behaviour and attitude
f. Obtaining better academic results
g. Developing Learning Styles and Working Styles
h. Self-empowerment to achieve your goals.

a. Helping improve relationships better
b. Finding key strengths in partnerships
c. Improve relationships with family members like children, spouse, parents

By focusing on your own specific goals, we can support you to master the skills you need to achieve greater independence, confidence and control.

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