What is DMIT Test?

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

The full form of DMIT is, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. It is a scientific study associated with fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. This will helps in understanding a unique inborn potential and personality. DMIT Test Technique has long been developed by scientist Dr.Howard Gardner and medical experts. DMIT Analysis will be based on Neuroscience and Multiple Intelligence Theory. Know your Strength and weakness by DMIT Test Report based on Dermatoglyphics and brain analysis. Know more about What is DMIT

Theory of Multiple Intelligence Test

All humans possess all Multiple intelligence in ranging amounts. Each individual has a different sort of intellectual composition. We all can improve education and learning style by addressing 9 multiple intelligences of our students. These multiple intelligence are centered at different parts of the brain Lobes. Intelligence may either work individually or together depends on ability. All these intelligence will define the human personality type.

9 Multiple Intelligences Test

 >> Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number/Reasoning Smart)
 >> Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)
 >> Musical Intelligence (Musical Smart)
 >> Naturalist Intelligence (Nature Smart)
 >> Existential Intelligence (Phil Smart)
 >> Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart)
 >> Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart)
 >> Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart)
 >> Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart)

DMIT Test for Children based on Important Parenting Tips. This is the complete Brain analysis which is uniquely adaptive, instinctive and responsive based on their needs and skill sets. 3 to 10 years is the ideal education must be holistic and really should facilitate the guidance based their learning style. The absolute education for almost any child involves equivalent participation from both sections of the brain. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Influence on creativity and analytically thinking from the left & right sides of your brain. The capabilities must be gathered and focused with the right multiple intelligence test for kids. DMIT test provides a scientifically proven assessment program that will takes into every child unique potential. DMIT Report Provide Right Parenting Tips towards developing of specific core expertise from the childhood.

Benefits of DMIT Test for Children

  1. Know your child inborn talents and natural character
  2. Identify your Children innate abilities
  3. Understand best learning style for Your Child
  4. Customize the learning programs based on Child learning style
  5. Improve the relationship between children and parents
  6. Understand the right parenting techniques and teaching style
  7. Select the Activities based upon their Multiple Intelligence and innate abilities

Important Parenting Tips for your Child (3-10 Years)

  1. From 3 to 10 years, child undergo the education from Nursery to 5th Standard
  2. 80% Child Brain developments will be completed within 10 Years
  3. Every child is unique. Don’t under estimate your child abilities by comparing with other children.
  4. Every child born with multiple Talents. Parents and Teacher Should recognize it
  5. This is the best time to improve the Child memory Power
  6. Don’t put too much pressure on Child. This is a child Brain developments stag.
  7. Don’t give only importance to science and math’s. This is a Foundation stage, not a career stage
  8. Give importance to creativity and Different activities. This will help them to improve memory and grasping power
  9. Teaching and understanding is traditional way. Understanding and teaching accordingly is the new way
  10. Don’t analyze a child in your way. Try to Understand the Generation gap and fill them with Proper Parenting Tips

DMIT Test for students Age group: 11 years to 17 years important stage. Estimates of the 70% of school aged students facing Study problem. DMIT Test integrate more extreme pruning as the mind begins to concentrate and build a good identity. Discovering best learning styles at this young age can better improve on IQ, EQ, CQ AQ and SQ. It also is a guideline about what type of classes one will take. This may be the stage where one can decide with regards to your careers.

Benefits of DMIT Test for Students

(Age group: 11 years to 17 years)

  1. Understand students intrinsic potential
  2. Know your creative and analytical mind. Right and left side of mind
  3. Know your 9 Multiple Intelligence Distribution
  4. Know Personal Quotients: IQ, EQ, CQ AQ and SQ
  5. ATD perspective Analysis and Learning Sensitivity
  6. Know your Best Learning Communication Characters
  7. Comparison between right and left brain hemispheres
  8. Identify your supplementary activities based on DMIT Report
  9. Get Career guidance based upon your 9 Multiple Intelligences
  10. Analysis of Strength and Weaknesses based on your brain lobes usages
  11. Brain lobes analysis and DMIT Test Report suggest how to improve on your weaknesses
  12. Know your preferred best Learning Style. Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Learning Style

Why DMIT Test need to be done for Students ?

  1. Students usually choose their academic stream subject based on parents pressure and not as per.
  2. student inborn talent or Multiple Intelligence.
  3. They will not follow an actual method to study that they should do. Parents putting effort to teach their children for many activities.
  4. As a result parents find maximum amount of students get average marks and very few get toppers.
  5. They need to see their child as to be topper in most Fields but of which child can not satisfy their parent’s desires.
  6. Parents are bothered for their children career. Children are attempting to oppose their parent’s. Maximum parents are not happy with their career.
  7. Many students are usually struggling for any proper Carrier following the completion of their study. They are getting confused on what to do.
  8. Relationship compatibility is currently a serious problem in our community.
  9. Relations are smashing frequently. Misunderstanding & lack of compromise are now usual phenomenon.
  10. People are actually victim of stress, confusion, disappointment and depression.
  11. Maximum parents, students are certainly not aware or well-known with their inborn talent and potentials.
  12. Maximum people take the wrong way with receptive of their capacity and so they do not proceed according to strength.

Career Guidance Test is a study of multiple intelligence. MI Theory is invented by Dr. Howard Gardner. According to Gardner people have various kinds of intelligence. In fact he thinks there are about eight different types of Multiple Intelligence. We almost all have most of these Multiple Intelligence. We will be often better in certain intelligence than some others. It’s essential to know regarding this Multiple Intelligence. So you could continue to acquire the ones you already very good at, and to be able to improve your some other Multiple Intelligence. All these multiple intelligence will define the Career Personality Test.

Benefits of Career Guidance Test

  1. Identify your core multiple intelligence
  2. Understand your natural talents and character traits
  3. Identify the most suitable Career field and leadership styles.
  4. Know your EQ, IQ, CQ, AQ, SQ based on Career Guidance Test
  5. Know your Work Management Style based on Career Guidance Test
  6. Know you’re suitable Department based on your MI Theory
  7. Introspective, Interactive and Analytical Intelligences based on McKenzie Theory
  8. Know Your Personality Types suitable for career based on Holland’s Theory
  9. Identify your core competencies and develop according Career Guidance Test.

Career Guidance Based on Multiple Intelligence

Visual Spatial Intelligence

People with good visual spatial intelligence are usually very strong in visualizing and Creative mind manipulating objects. These people have a powerful visual memory and they are often artistically well prepared.

Career Options

  1. Architects
  2. Fashion Designers
  3. Interior Designers
  4. Photographers
  5. Painters
  6. Cinematographers
  7. Animators & etc.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

People with Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence usually take pleasure in performing or acting. They often learn by physically or doing something. They are highly dynamic and seem to use what could be termed muscle remembrance.

Career Options

  1. Sports & Atheletes
  2. Actors
  3. Soldiers
  4. Dancers
  5. Yoga Teachers
  6. Fire Fighters
  7. Police Force

Logical-Mathematic Intelligence

People with Logical Mathematic intelligence naturally work better in mathematics, computer-programming and other logical analytical reasoning, scientific thoughts, investigation, and also ability to undertake complex calculations.

Career Guidance

  1. Engineers
  2. Doctors
  3. Scientists
  4. Judges
  5. Stock Brokers
  6. Economist
  7. Auditors
  8. Lawyers
  9. Purchase managers
  10. Bankers

Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence

People with Musical Rhythmic intelligence display higher sensitivity to music, rhythms, tones, and sounds. They usually possess good pitch, and they are able to perform, play music instruments, and compose audio music. They will frequently use tracks and rhythms to discover to memorize information.

Career Guidance

  1. Singers
  2. Musicians
  3. Music DJ’s
  4. Acoustic Engineers
  5. Music Therapist
  6. DJ’spousers
  7. ComMusic
  8. Music Teachers
  9. Musical Engineers

Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence

People with Linguistic-Verbal intelligence express a facility with words and phrases and languages. These people are typically great at reading, writing, and storytelling and are generally skilled at teaching explaining, oration and persuasive speaking. They learn unknown languages effortlessly.

Career Guidance

  1. Journalists
  2. Trainers
  3. Lawyers
  4. Poets
  5. Comedians
  6. Teachers
  7. Translators
  8. Commentators
  9. Radio DJ’s
  10. Editors
  11. News Readers

Naturalistic Intelligence

People with Naturalistic intelligence have higher sensitivity to natural world and have power to nurture and cultivate things. Good for taming and mingling with animals. They understand best once the subject is very closely related to anything prominent in the environment.

Career Options

  1. Landscape Designers
  2. Wildlife Photographers
  3. Archelogists
  4. Veterinary Docters
  5. Bird and Wildlife Researcher
  6. Floriculturists
  7. Farmers

Inter-personal Intelligence

People with Inter personal intelligence are generally extroverts and they are characterized by the sensitivity to others moods, feelings, and motivations. These people communicate effectively & empathize easily together with others, and could be either market leaders or followers.

Career Guidance

  1. Educators
  2. HR-Professional
  3. Coach
  4. CEO
  5. Politicians
  6. Counselors
  7. Nurses
  8. Administrators
  9. Consultants
  10. Principal
  11. Sales Professional

Intra-personal Intelligence

People with Intra personal intelligence are usually introverts and like to work all alone. They are often highly self-aware and capable of grasping their own feelings, motivations and goals. There is a really high a higher level perfectionism related to this intelligence.

Career Options

  1. Psychologists
  2. Philosophers
  3. Scientists
  4. Counselors
  5. Religious Leaders
  6. Writers
  7. Entrepreneurs
  8. Organizations Leaders
  9. Researchers


You are most probably to achieve life if you make use of DMIT Self Analysis Test for your talents for Career Opportunity. Likewise, you’ll suffer lesser problems once you know what your core Strength and Weakness are, and when you manage all these Strength and Weakness so they don’t matter within the work you need to do. So how you will go about discovering these Strength and Weakness and considering the Career Opportunity & threats that move from them? Personal Self Analysis Test is a useful technique that will help you to realize Career Opportunity

What makes DMIT Self Analysis Test especially powerful is often that, with a bit of thought, it will help you uncover possibilities that you will not otherwise possess spotted. And simply by understanding your Personal Strength and Weakness, you can handle and eliminate risks that might usually hurt your capability to move forward. Whenever you take a look at yourself with all the Personal Self Analysis Test, for you can begin to separate yourself from your associates, and further build the specialized skills and abilities you have to advance your career opportunity.

Benefits of DMIT Personal Self Analysis Test

  1. Completely understand your Strength and Weakness (Self Analysis)
  2. Understand your all natural character traits.
  3. Know your Opportunities and future Threats
  4. Identify and improve your core competencies.
  5. Assess your own personal IQ, EQ, SQ, AQ, and CQ.
  6. Develop accepting & comfort simply by better communication.
  7. Plan in advance ahead to attain your goals & live your desires.
  8. Recognize the best option learning and management styles.
  9. Improve your own relationship together with your loved one.
  10. Invest smartly in suitable personal development programs.
  11. Know your passion to get living and bring back dreams through the past.
  12. Fully understand your partner Character traits, Values & Characteristics.
  13. Discover your personal capabilities and select right profession path.
  14. Reorganize your individual loved one’s correspondence character.

Good job match is factor to great performance. Dmit Test Corporate Employees will help your organization in order to optimize the complete spectrum of human resources processes, from choosing the best candidate to fill up a position towards identifying gaps & focusing training attempts on areas that require development. Dmit Test Corporate Employees could also be used to measure the effectiveness of education and learning and workshops by using a pre & post test of each employees.

Benefits of DMIT Test for Corporate Employees

  1. Pre employment screening
  2. Find the exact right person for your right job.
  3. Discover employees’ possibilities, maximizing efficiency & effectiveness.
  4. Evaluate your current manager’s performances & core competencies
  5. HR training & development based on Employee Abilities
  6. Know your employee Leadership Style and qualities
  7. Know your internal abilities your employee’s
  8. Reduce operating cost & maximize corporate value.
  9. Know your employee Personal Quotients IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ-SQ
  10. Know your employee Planning and delivery style
  11. Develop an all star employees.
  12. Reorganize the employed pool for high productivity.
  13. Entrust your staff member who has got the most potential.
  14. Improve human resources & customer management more efficiently.

DMIT Training & Workshop : 2-Days

Day 1 : Timing 9 am to 6 pm

DMIT Training Course – Level 1

Level 1 DMIT Training Course is built to enable participants to experience and understand the Fundamentals of Dermatoglyphics and Multiple Intelligence Test. This workshop will give you both the theory and hands-on experience with important globally recognized science of DMIT, including basics of fingerprint patterns, Brain lobe and Fingerprint correlations. Understanding Neuron Distributions Strength and weakness through Fingerprint ridge counts.

Day 1 : What you will learn.?

  1. Fundamentals of Dermatoglyphics & Multiple Intelligence
  2. Brain Structures & Lobe Functions
  3. Fingerprints & Brain Lobes Correlations
  4. Types of Fingerprints Patterns and Personality Types
  5. Types of Learning & Acquiring Styles
  6. Understanding Neuron Distribution & Functions

Day 2 : Timing 9 am to 6 pm

DMIT Training Course – Level 2

In this incredible Day 2 DMIT course, you will learn the deeper secrets of DMIT Advanced Theory and the methods to truly make you a master in DMIT Repot Counselling. This program contains a unique combination of advanced Fingerprints Analysis and DMIT practical Counselling skills. Level 2 DMIT Course has been designed with this in mind that all participants are able to make effective counselling after this DMIT Training program.

Day 2 : What you will learn.?

  1. Theory of Multiple intelligence (Howard Gardner M.I. Theory)
  2. Advanced Fingerprints Analysis
  3. Types of Personal Quotients (IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ, SQ)
  4. Interpretation of DMIT Report & Counselling
  5. Career Counselling based on MI Composition Ratio.
  6. Effective Counselling Techniques & Guidelines

By focusing on your own specific goals, we can support you to master the skills you need to achieve greater independence, confidence and control.

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