Dato Seri Ann Marianthony

Advisory Director

President of Malaysia International Chamber of Commerce

President of Founder of Tam Mercy Mission Foundation Malaysia

Author of the book "Eating is Sacred"

International Brand Ambassador to Prestige International School Mangalore India

The CEO for Prestige Global Academy Malaysia

Born and bred in Malaysia but travelled extensively to establish businesses in India, Dubai, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Thus a cross-culture friendly person.

Datuk Ann is known for her work with various charitable organisations. Although she is a public figure.

Datuk Ann Marianthony holds a Bachelor degree in Public Relations and Communications and a Bachelor of Arts in English.

Her passion for Naturopathy has earned numerous certification from prestigious Naturopathy practitioners around the globe. Thus a renowned Naturopathy practitioner in current times.

Her network is established throughout Malaysia and has crossed-border, where she is warmly accepted. Her personal passionate journey in writing the book called, Eating is Sacred is another master piece.

Currently, she is fronting and representing more than 1000 plaintiffs who are the victim of a money laundering scam called FX United. Her calm, composed, amicable personality and active involvement in social services have earned her enormous respect and honour from the Rulers of her Country itself. A strong believer and practitioner of Naturopathy, she loves nature and is devoted to contributing to fellow humankind. One such devotion is that she never ceased to donate blood every three months. These are all the attributes that makes her a very special person and a well-respected public figure.

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